Your low-cost, flexible, and fully redundant solution to managed hosting – cloud computing is taking virtualization to the next level.

  • Cloud Native Applications
    Blurring the lines between rapid application development and infrastructure deployment

    Designed specifically for cloud architecture, cloud native applications are developed and deployed to provide the scalability enterprises need to be competitive in today’s economy.   

    Building cloud applications using products like Cloud Foundry, an open source cloud platform as a service (PaaS), allow developers the capability of rapid application development, deployment and scale applications on both public and private cloud models. 

    Managed Cloud Foundry Solution - why you should choose FNTS

    Lower costs: With FNTS you to buy only the instances you need for your first project, drastically lowering the overall cost of entry.  
    Agile cloud hosting: Choose from a dedicated private cloud platform, a multi-tenant cloud solution,  public cloud or seamless automation across a mix of cloud platforms.
    Exceptional Customer Experience: Managed cloud foundry services include a dedicated account manager, certified engineers, 24x7 service and customized solutions – our staff delivers positive experiences, not business transactions.

    Start with one application, learn how

    Why enterprises choose Cloud Foundry
    • Agility: Built on the open source ecosystem removes vendor lock-in, while agile development allows for rapid delivery of releases across cloud models offering higher quality, predictability and better user experience.                   
    • Microservices: Modular approach increases efficiency, removing challenges of slow moving traditional models             
    • Automation: Automation allows DevOps to build, test and deploy code within the cloud native platform allowing for rapid application delivery. 

    Cloud Foundry is compatible with JAVA, Spring, .NET and other programming languages 

    The culture shift of Cloud Foundry

    Developers remain focused on rapid application development and deployment, not timely legacy infrastructure build out.
    IT Operations has full platform visibility throughout the application lifecycle, including security updates, metrics and logging capabilities.     
    Enterprises achieve a competitive advantage with versatile technology used across multiple cloud platforms, break down internal silos, develop fluid processes and increase agility.

    Cloud Native Platform

    Cloud Foundry security measures include:  
    • Customer applications and data are isolated in containers
    • Connections are encrypted
    • Access controls are user based
    • Resource starvation is used to prevent DDOS attacks

    I am interested in a Cloud Foundry POC


    Begin your strategic transformation with a Cloud Foundry proof of concept (POC).  A POC allows you to test rapid application deployment of a single application and find the value for your enterprise before building out a long-term strategy.