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  • Containers

    Containers are a new trend growing in popularity among software developers; providing benefits they can’t get from virtual machines.

    Container cloud computing
    Container cloud computing offers an alternative method for virtualization, in which a single operating system on a host can run many different applications from the cloud.  Containers allow development teams to achieve next-generation software delivery in a more efficient manner than traditional virtualization.  By wrapping a piece of software in a complete file system containing everything needed to run on a server – it guarantees the software will run regardless of the environment.

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    Containers vs. Virtual Machines
    Containers differ from Virtual Machines (VMs) in architecture approach which allow additional portability and efficiency.

    CIO’s like containers because of their: 

    • Capacity – more containers can be put onto a server than a virtual machine
    • Versatility - used on public or private cloud deployments
    • Simplicity – fewer management points; single operating system maintenance
    Securing Containers
    Like virtual machines, each container requires its own security approach and should be added as a component to your existing security protocol.  Identifying new security boundaries, using security development lifecycle methods and tools will help you identify additional security measures.  Remember, with any new technology implementation you must identify threats and assess your needs.


    Develop. Collaborate. Scale.

    Containers allow developers the environments they need to spin up new instances, free of constraints and tooling conflicts.  Breaking down internal silos, developers can also collaborate with sysadmins by sharing updates, changes and linking and testing against the application.  

    Spinning up and down instantly, containers allow enterprises to identify issues and make changes with minimum disruption to production as in traditional software models.  These attributes make containers attractive to both business and technology focused companies.


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