Your low-cost, flexible, and fully redundant solution to managed hosting – cloud computing is taking virtualization to the next level.

  • Linux Cloud
    Cloud solutions: Supporting multiple Linux distributions
    • Cisco UCS Servers, VMWare hypervisor and EMC storage
    • Dedicated server capacity
    • Redundant power, connectivity and network infrastructure

    SAP HANA Hosting

    Increase efficiency and gain maximum business value by hosting SAP HANA in the cloud with First National Technology Solutions.

    Why host SAP HANA with First National Technology Solutions cloud services:

    • Avoid rigid hardware investments and requirements
    • Improve efficiencies by running multiple HANA instances on one system
    • Layer SAP Hybris on the HANA database for additional functionality
    • Prevent latency by hosting all production infrastructure with one provider, including physical or virtual operating systems (mainframe, Windows, Linux, Unix, iSeries)

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    Why enterprises choose First National Technology Solutions for SAP HANA hosting:

    • Transparent, reporting and analysis on key system metrics
    • Service team with high response times, available 24x7 and dedicated to your account
    • Customized and right-sized solutions, unique to your enterprise
    • Secure and fully scalable private cloud solution

    Maximize SAP HANA Functionality
    Speed up existing processes or have the ability to churn large volumes of data with SAP HANA with real-time capabilities.  By hosting SAP HANA with First National Technology Solutions, your employees can focus on in-depth data analytics and improving execution of processes, not the infrastructure.

    Take full advantage of cloud foundry or container technology to expand SAP HANA functionality.

    In addition, SAP Hybris has the ability to be used with SAP HANA as a database, to utilize big data information to improve customer behavior insights and activities.


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    Microsoft Office 365

    Work smarter and faster from any device, anywhere, any time with First National Technology Solutions and Microsoft Office 365

    Plans available to fit any business, any size, Office 365 gives you a dynamic set of tools to stay connected, promote collaboration and get more done.  With the applications you know - Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint – to the applications that promote collaboration – Skype for Business, Teams and OneNote, you have the tools to get more done.  Microsoft Office 365 is the right choice for your business.
    With Office 365 you can:
    • Store, sync, and share files with OneDrive for Business
    • Use and access Office on virtually any device
    • Trust a financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee

    Partner with First National Technology Solutions for Microsoft Office 365 for:

    • No monthly or annual minimums
    • Additional managed services for migration and support
    • Rapid escalation service requests
    • Customized backup solutions for specific compliance regulations
    • Additional security services including email security options and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions for a multi-level security approach

    Need help customizing an Office 365 Solution?  Our staff is here to help


    Microsoft Office 365: simplified solutions for every office

    Microsoft Office 365 offers subscription based flexibility while maintaining control of your IT – at an affordable price.  Choose the right Microsoft Office 365 solution for your business.  Pick one or combine packages to customize the right solution for your company and employees.

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    Containers are a new trend growing in popularity among software developers; providing benefits they can’t get from virtual machines.

    Container cloud computing
    Container cloud computing offers an alternative method for virtualization, in which a single operating system on a host can run many different applications from the cloud.  Containers allow development teams to achieve next-generation software delivery in a more efficient manner than traditional virtualization.  By wrapping a piece of software in a complete file system containing everything needed to run on a server – it guarantees the software will run regardless of the environment.

    I want to learn more  about containers

    Containers vs. Virtual Machines
    Containers differ from Virtual Machines (VMs) in architecture approach which allow additional portability and efficiency.

    CIO’s like containers because of their: 

    • Capacity – more containers can be put onto a server than a virtual machine
    • Versatility - used on public or private cloud deployments
    • Simplicity – fewer management points; single operating system maintenance
    Securing Containers
    Like virtual machines, each container requires its own security approach and should be added as a component to your existing security protocol.  Identifying new security boundaries, using security development lifecycle methods and tools will help you identify additional security measures.  Remember, with any new technology implementation you must identify threats and assess your needs.


    Develop. Collaborate. Scale.

    Containers allow developers the environments they need to spin up new instances, free of constraints and tooling conflicts.  Breaking down internal silos, developers can also collaborate with sysadmins by sharing updates, changes and linking and testing against the application.  

    Spinning up and down instantly, containers allow enterprises to identify issues and make changes with minimum disruption to production as in traditional software models.  These attributes make containers attractive to both business and technology focused companies.


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    Blurring the lines between rapid application development and infrastructure deployment

    Designed specifically for cloud architecture, cloud native applications are developed and deployed to provide the scalability enterprises need to be competitive in today’s economy.   

    Building cloud applications using products like Cloud Foundry, an open source cloud platform as a service (PaaS), allow developers the capability of rapid application development, deployment and scale applications on both public and private cloud models. 

    Managed Cloud Foundry Solution - why you should choose FNTS

    Lower costs: With FNTS you to buy only the instances you need for your first project, drastically lowering the overall cost of entry.  
    Agile cloud hosting: Choose from a dedicated private cloud platform, a multi-tenant cloud solution,  public cloud or seamless automation across a mix of cloud platforms.
    Exceptional Customer Experience: Managed cloud foundry services include a dedicated account manager, certified engineers, 24x7 service and customized solutions – our staff delivers positive experiences, not business transactions.

    Start with one application, learn how

    Why enterprises choose Cloud Foundry
    • Agility: Built on the open source ecosystem removes vendor lock-in, while agile development allows for rapid delivery of releases across cloud models offering higher quality, predictability and better user experience.                   
    • Microservices: Modular approach increases efficiency, removing challenges of slow moving traditional models             
    • Automation: Automation allows DevOps to build, test and deploy code within the cloud native platform allowing for rapid application delivery. 

    Cloud Foundry is compatible with JAVA, Spring, .NET and other programming languages 

    The culture shift of Cloud Foundry

    Developers remain focused on rapid application development and deployment, not timely legacy infrastructure build out.
    IT Operations has full platform visibility throughout the application lifecycle, including security updates, metrics and logging capabilities.     
    Enterprises achieve a competitive advantage with versatile technology used across multiple cloud platforms, break down internal silos, develop fluid processes and increase agility.

    Cloud Native Platform

    Cloud Foundry security measures include:  
    • Customer applications and data are isolated in containers
    • Connections are encrypted
    • Access controls are user based
    • Resource starvation is used to prevent DDOS attacks

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    Begin your strategic transformation with a Cloud Foundry proof of concept (POC).  A POC allows you to test rapid application deployment of a single application and find the value for your enterprise before building out a long-term strategy.

    Cloud object storage offers a new way to store data, meeting the massive challenge of data growth businesses are facing today without a hardware investment.  >>Learn more

    What is object storage?

    Cloud object storage is designed to handle large amounts of unstructured data files in an unstructured manner.  Storing data in a simple, unstructured manner allows businesses to meet the growing data demands of third platform applications including mobile, cloud, social, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT).  Object storage uses metadata which is a set of data that gives information about another set of data.
    Object storage doesn't change the data you are storing, simply the way you access the data.  Each object is assigned a unique ID, along with other tags to describe that piece of data.  Using the third generation object platform from EMC, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) technology, storing data has never been easier or cost effective.  
    The functionality behind cloud object storage: 
    • Store a photo of a dog (Object ID + Metadata)
    • Assign file info with user defined metadata: dog, beagle, brown, Rover, likes bones
    • Store object in an unstructured data bucket (database or file system is not needed)
    • Instantly recall object based on metadata when needed

    The retrieval process is far more sophisticated than traditional storage systems because it allows you to retrieve objects based on granular metadata, not shorted titles or misleading titles.  The retrieval process can also be customized to meet the needs of your applications and way you do business.


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    Smart. Simple. Secure.
    Benefits of cloud object storage include:
    • Eliminates storage silos (fully distributed, scales horizontally)
    • Built in disaster recovery
    • Built for long-term data retention
    Features of cloud storage include:
    • Scalable: worry-free scalability with unlimited apps, users and files
    • Accessible: active-active architecture, multi-site, single global namespace enables anywhere access to content from any application or device
    • Flexibility: multiple front end appliances, software and storage arrays exist today that interface seamlessly and utilize cloud object based storage for another cold data tier
    • Secure: multi-tenancy allows for total isolation of data stored is encrypted on the cloud object storage array via D@RE (Data at Rest Encryption).  Options for client side encryption methods allow for objects to be encrypted when written to cloud object storage

    Is object storage right for your business?  Do you experience these storage challenges?

    • High data retrieval or egress rates
    • Traditional storage not suited for new web, mobile and cloud applications
    • Can’t cost effectively manage or scale storage to support growth of unstructured data
    • Need instant access to cold-stored data
    • Difficulty managing data lifecycle and long-term retention policies across archive silos and sites

    Designed for next-gen applications and traditional workloads, cloud storage technology offers unmatched efficiency, resiliency and simplicity.


    To learn more about cloud storage or to customize a storage solution for your business, contact us today.  

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    Instantly expand your IT capabilities with Microsoft Azure public cloud solutions 

    With the fast pace of innovation constantly accelerating, public cloud is becoming increasingly expensive to keep investing in the latest and greatest IT solutions. At the same time, relying on older solutions while your competitors invest in new ones gives them a leg up on you to anticipate, manage, and respond more quickly to change.

    Easily manage, monitor and provision your public, and private clouds using Navigator, cloud management tool.  Regardless of which public cloud you use, Navigator provides a centralized portal for you to self-provision and managed workloads across multiple cloud environments. 

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    By using Microsoft Azure and the cloud, you can keep your competitive edge without expanding your budget. Azure helps you bring products and services to market quickly, instantly scale globally, and run your operations in a more cost-effective way.  Interested in Microsoft Azure? Request additional product information. 

    Microsoft Azure public cloud provides cost effective ways to:

    • Support critical and non-critical systems, including dev environments
    • Scale up and down as needed and avoid hardware investments
    • Back up data in the event of an outage or failure

    Features of Microsoft Azure public cloud include:

    • Fully managed and monitored infrastructure
    • Robust physical security and data protection
    • Short-term and long-term agreements
    Managed Microsoft Azure by First National Technology Solutions
    Architecture Design — Migration Services — Additional Security — 24x7 Support

    Managed Microsoft Azure provided by First National Technology Solutions includes:

    • Migration services: set up, migrate and manage your new Azure public cloud
    • Personal service: dedicated account manager and engineering team available 24x7
    • Additional security services and compliance checks to meet stringent regulatory requirements
    • Proactive monitoring, patching and consultative services to optimize your systems

    By partnering with First National Technology Solutions for managed Microsoft Azure public cloud, you get the technical expertise and personal service of two leading cloud providers in the industry.  Get the most out of your investment, with managed Microsoft Azure public cloud by First National Technology Solutions.

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    Private cloud give you the customizable, flexible and scalable features of public cloud with increased control, compute power and security you need for critical systems. 

    The benefits of managed private cloud services from First National Technology Solutions include:

    • Self-provisioning: Using Navigator cloud management platform, you can monitor, manage and self-provision your private cloud environment
    • Availability: Select from a pool of system resources with the ability to scale based on capacity
    • Managed Services: FNTS’ private cloud solution includes storage and backup services, networking, patching and system administration
    • Enterprise hardware: Cloud technology for Windows, Linux, AIX, iSeries and Mainframe, all maintained by a team of accessible IT experts
    • Personal Service: Access a dedicated, consultative account team that will guide you from initial migration to go live date and beyond
    • Security: Single tenant virtual environment hosted in a Tier IV data center with continued audits and compliance for PCI, HIPAA, SOC2 and SSAE 16 certifications
    • Customer Service: available by phone or email 24x7 and staffed by IT experts, including a dedicated service account manager.

    Perfect for Software as a Service (SaaS) providers looking for private cloud security and compute power with the flexible, scalability of a public cloud solution.  See how one SaaS provider uses private cloud technology to lower costs and increase their scalability. Access the use case now.  Get all the benefits of a private cloud at a public cloud price.

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    Private Cloud Security Monitoring Services

    FNTS uses Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) services to help customers address the challenges posed by the use of cloud apps and services, including SaaS and IaaS.  CASB solutions are designed to help organizations enable the productivity gains offered by cloud applications and services by providing critical visibility and control of how these services are being used.

    CASB services help information security teams:

    • Identify and evaluate all the cloud apps in use (Shadow IT)
    • Enforce cloud application management policies in existing web proxies or firewalls
    • Enforce granular policies to govern handling of sensitive information, including compliance-related content
    • Encrypt or tokenize sensitive content to enforce privacy and security
    • Detect and block unusual account behavior indicative of malicious activity
    • Integrate cloud visibility and controls with broader security solutions

    Platform as a Service (PaaS) by Cloud Foundry, the industry standard platform for cloud applications, offers developers the ability to upload code and seamlessly deploy their application without provisioning servers and infrastructure.  Providing rapid application development at your fingertips.  Download the product guide now.

    Perfect for open source systems, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3
    1. Develop: Develop your code
    2. Deploy:  Servers and infrastructure automatically provisioned 
    3. Manage: Server infrastructure adjusts as changes are made 
    Benefits of PaaS include:
    • Decrease time to market: Agility to deliver cloud based applications that are scalable and easily deployed.
    • Operational agility: Full visibility and control over your application giving you the ability to provision, deploy and upgrade instantly. 
    • Automated deployment: Deliver your applications with self-service deployment regardless of industry or infrastructure.  
    Why choose First National Technology Solutions for PaaS?

    Ownership: You own all data and intellectual property you provision in your cloud
    Flexibility: From customized contact terms to technology needs you are covered
    Personal support: Support desk and certified engineers available 24x7 and assigned Service Account Manager to help you with your technology needs.
    Quick to market, customized solution to get your applications developed and to market, sign up for a PaaS free proof of concept today.  


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    DAS icon
    SQL Server as a Service provides a flexible, low-cost solution for running Microsoft SQL server environments. Benefit with increased performance of Solid State Flash or SAN storage for your databases, and the ability to scale resources up or down based on your business needs.  Working with your database administrator to make sure you have the services you need to keep your database up and running smoothly.


     Benefits of SQL Server as a Service include:

    • Reduce operating expenses and alleviate the workload for your database administrator by letting your service provider handle necessary patches and upgrades.
    • Take advantage of the economics of pooled cloud resources for more predictable, efficient budgets.
    • Maintain continuous access to your data and applications, freeing you up from routine database management.
    Additional benefits of SQL Server as a Service:
    • Choose from a variety of cost-effective disaster recovery options
    • Achieve strict compliance and industry standards with a dedicated virtual server environment
    • Access SQL enterprise edition with online indexing, scalability, robust data quality and enhanced security

             Get answers to your SQL Server as a Service implementation and licensing questions, download the FAQ now.

    Microsoft SQL Server as a Service offering includes:

    • SQL as a Service: Speed up time-to-market from application development
    • SQL as a Service HA: High availability database with synchronous replication (always on)

    The First National Technology Solutions Difference:

    • Experienced, dedicated account manager
    • 24x7 US-based client support staffed with Microsoft Certified engineers
    • Flash Storage providing optimum performance
    • Enterprise-class hardware infrastructure and database licensing
    • Customized and flexible solutions based on your needs

    Download First National Technology Solutions' SQL server service overview today.

    Cloud solutions: Windows 2008 and above
    • Cisco UCS , VMWare hypervisor and EMC storage
    • Dedicated server capacity
    • Bursting capability to scale with additional resources as required 
    Cloud solutions: Supporting multiple Linux distributions
    • Cisco UCS Servers, VMWare hypervisor and EMC storage
    • Dedicated server capacity
    • Redundant power, connectivity and network infrastructure
    Mainframe cloud solutions: z/OS, z/VSE, and z/VM
    • Defined CPU capacity (LPAR)
    • Ability to burst over defined CPU thresholds
    • IBM system software 
    • DASD and virtual tape solutions
    iSeries Cloud solution: iSeries (AS/400)
    • IBM Pureflex servers and EMC or IBM storage solutions
    • Dedicated server capacity
    • Defined CPU capacity (LPAR) allowing you to adjust CPU, memory and storage to right size your configuration

    Private Cloud - First National Technology Solutions Difference:

    • Availability: Dedicated pool of system resources with the ability to scale based on capacity required.
    • Managed Services: Storage and back up services, networking, patching and system administration
    • Enterprise hardware: Cloud technology for Windows, Linux, AIX, iSeries and Mainframe all maintained by a team of IT professionals available 24x7.
    • Personal Service: Dedicated account team with you from migration to go live and beyond that consists of a Project Manager, Service Account Manager, engineering staff and Command Center.
    • Security: Single tenant virtual environment, hosted in a Tier IV data center with continued audits and compliance for PCI, HIPAA and SSAE 16 certifications

    What’s in store for your enterprise – get your quote today.

    Benefits of the public cloud include:

    • Self-provisioning: Commission and decommission servers as you need them, “on your own” model
    • Quick deployments: Speed up your time to market, beating your competition without absorbing hardware and data center costs in the process.
    • Lower cost:  Pay as you go model to accelerate growth without paying enterprise prices.

    Request more information about public cloud

    Hybrid Cloud - First National Technology Solutions Difference:

    • Customizable: It doesn’t always make sense to virtualize every component of your environment.  You can pick and choose the right fit, right size and right combination for your business including running some of the systems at your location and leveraging our cloud technology for other sytems.
    • Cloud Strategy: Not ready to retire all of your hardware?  Work with our team to come up with a long term cloud strategy to get the most out of your current hardware while planning for future business growth and CapEx reduction.  

    Plan for your future – contact a cloud strategist today.

    Customized. Flexible. Secure.

    Customized solutions flexible enough to meet your critical system requirements while offering the security and compliance standards you need.  Choose the cloud solution right for your business.  Request a cloud demo today