Your low-cost, flexible, and fully redundant solution to managed hosting – cloud computing is taking virtualization to the next level.

  • Private Cloud

    Private cloud give you the customizable, flexible and scalable features of public cloud with increased control, compute power and security you need for critical systems. 

    The benefits of managed private cloud services from First National Technology Solutions include:

    • Self-provisioning: Using Navigator cloud management platform, you can monitor, manage and self-provision your private cloud environment
    • Availability: Select from a pool of system resources with the ability to scale based on capacity
    • Managed Services: FNTS’ private cloud solution includes storage and backup services, networking, patching and system administration
    • Enterprise hardware: Cloud technology for Windows, Linux, AIX, iSeries and Mainframe, all maintained by a team of accessible IT experts
    • Personal Service: Access a dedicated, consultative account team that will guide you from initial migration to go live date and beyond
    • Security: Single tenant virtual environment hosted in a Tier IV data center with continued audits and compliance for PCI, HIPAA, SOC2 and SSAE 16 certifications
    • Customer Service: available by phone or email 24x7 and staffed by IT experts, including a dedicated service account manager.

    Perfect for Software as a Service (SaaS) providers looking for private cloud security and compute power with the flexible, scalability of a public cloud solution.  See how one SaaS provider uses private cloud technology to lower costs and increase their scalability. Access the use case now.  Get all the benefits of a private cloud at a public cloud price.

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    Private Cloud Security Monitoring Services

    FNTS uses Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) services to help customers address the challenges posed by the use of cloud apps and services, including SaaS and IaaS.  CASB solutions are designed to help organizations enable the productivity gains offered by cloud applications and services by providing critical visibility and control of how these services are being used.

    CASB services help information security teams:

    • Identify and evaluate all the cloud apps in use (Shadow IT)
    • Enforce cloud application management policies in existing web proxies or firewalls
    • Enforce granular policies to govern handling of sensitive information, including compliance-related content
    • Encrypt or tokenize sensitive content to enforce privacy and security
    • Detect and block unusual account behavior indicative of malicious activity
    • Integrate cloud visibility and controls with broader security solutions

    Cloud solutions: Windows 2008 and above
    • Cisco UCS , VMWare hypervisor and EMC storage
    • Dedicated server capacity
    • Bursting capability to scale with additional resources as required 
    Cloud solutions: Supporting multiple Linux distributions
    • Cisco UCS Servers, VMWare hypervisor and EMC storage
    • Dedicated server capacity
    • Redundant power, connectivity and network infrastructure
    Mainframe cloud solutions: z/OS, z/VSE, and z/VM
    • Defined CPU capacity (LPAR)
    • Ability to burst over defined CPU thresholds
    • IBM system software 
    • DASD and virtual tape solutions
    iSeries Cloud solution: iSeries (AS/400)
    • IBM Pureflex servers and EMC or IBM storage solutions
    • Dedicated server capacity
    • Defined CPU capacity (LPAR) allowing you to adjust CPU, memory and storage to right size your configuration