Making a move: Dealing with Aging Hardware

Aging hardware impacts the entire organization - from sales revenue to customer service, and data security to IT management, each department within your business relies on critical operating systems.    Is your business experiencing any of these issues?

  • Are you meeting your go to market deadlines?
  • Do you struggle with finding new revenue streams?
  • Is data leakage a growing concern?
  • Feel stuck with a new application on old hardware?
  • Do you want your IT staff dealing with hardware management?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions you could be dealing with aging hardware.  

The Challenges of Age

  • Demands on hardware continually increase over time 
  • Risks of failure and downtime grow
  • New applications don't match hardware or storage requirements
  • Stop meeting user demands with reduced features and functionality 

Booking revenue faster, stopping data leakage and heightened security risks are real concerns of IT leaders.  Ask yourself, do you want to be managing aging hardware?

The Power of a Tech RefreshHardwareRefresh


Your Questions Answered

Is it a hassle?  With migration tools, proven process and assistance from FNTS migration can be made easy - and customized to your timelines.  

Is it worth it?  You decide, FNTS offers many proof of concepts and pilots for businesses to help define the soft costs of moving to updated technology.  So if you need help with a cost comparison or strategic planning, FNTS will work with your team to help you assess your situation.

Do I have any guarantees?  With customized service level agreements (SLA's) and contract terms to match your business, FNTS strives to meet your demands to 

How do I trust I'm making the right move? By defining the overall need,  budget, and snapshot of your current state of production to serve as a baseline for measurement.  Next, identify your desired outcomes and expected changes you expect to see once the new technology is in place.  

What if I'm uncertain about moving?  Moving to managed services providers or outsourcing for the first time comes with uncertainty.  FNTS staff will go above and beyond to eliminate uncertainty. With on-site meetings, data center tours, architecture deep dives, lunch and learn sessions, and one one one working sessions, FNTS staff, becomes a part of your company.   Your business is our business, and you should feel comfortable trusting us with your critical systems.  

If you want to make the move from aging hardware call our team today at 800.820.6924 to discuss your options.