Executive Summit Sponsorship Information

  • Executive Summit Sponsorship Information

    A must-attend event! Attended by top prospects and clients, the 2012 Executive Summit promises to deliver a day and a half of professional successes ranging from face-to-face networking during the golf outing and welcome reception to a day filled with education and additional time with customers at the summit.

    See what's in store for you at this year's Executive Summit.

    By combining the golf event and the summit there will be a larger draw, more companines attending and additional time for networking, prospecting and building relationships.  New to 2012 there will be two lists distributed - one for the golf outing and one for the summit.  See what sponsorship is right for you!



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    To attend the summit contact Michelle Travis at mtravis@fnts.com or 402-602-3634 or register on-line.