Remove the Challenges to Fight Cyber Attacks 

Cyber attacks are growing, and security leaders are struggling to keep their defenses up with their current staff and budgets.  FNTS understands there isn't a standard response to security and offers multiple resources to help you where you need it most.  Starting with removing the challenges and roadblocks to help you fight cyber attacks.  

Overloaded with threats and alerts

Threats can come from outside and inside of your parameter. Either way, it is difficult to sift through the multitude of daily alerts and focus on other strategic security initiatives. FNTS can show you how to manage and remediate these threats efficiently.

However, as the number of endpoints, servers, applications, and environments rises, the ways to secure the technology increases.  FNTS has helped many businesses find the right security solutions to help strained staff while planning for future growth and avoid rework and future threats.  

Outdated tools, processes and lack of expertise - with no budget for improvement

Attackers are becoming more sophisticated in penetrating organizations’ systems and the typical reaction by businesses is to buy more security solutions.  FNTS works with companies to understand their business and how they operate to recommend the right security services.  By focusing on the risk associated with your company you will find the proper protection, and often within your budget.  Learn how as FNTS Chief Information Security Officer, Robert LaMagna-Reiter explains

Security as an afterthought: avoid re-work 

Whether it is meeting tight deadlines driven by compliance regulations or beating your competition to the finish line, many companies focus on getting the technology implementations complete and forget to include security along the way because they view it as a roadblock.  Our security experts are no stranger to this approach and outcomes and can offer quick tips and secrets to not only meeting your technology deadlines while including security but help you avoid re-work.      

"We called FNTS when a vulnerability was detected by our application provider.  Even though we weren't a customer, they treated us like we were their top client. Now we are a customer" CIO,  Leading Healthcare Provider 

Fight Cyber Attacks and Increase Security Confidence with FNTS

Security health-checks 

FNTS provides security assessments to help you identify vulnerabilities in your existing security efforts.  A great tool to help you audit and repair vulnerabilities, you will receive a detailed report revealing the health of your current security parameters.

On-demand expertise

The demand for security experts outweighs the supply. It takes time and money to get the right people with the right skill set.  FNTS’ security team is more passionate about  cyber attacks than the bad guys.  They will help you deter cyber attacks.  FNTS security experts can help you fill any skill gaps and be ready at a moments notice to respond to vulnerability threats or attacks.

Streamline vendor management

By combining experts in both security and managed services, FNTS can handle it all for you.  As a managed services provider specializing in security services, we can provide both IT and security services in a highly customized way to give you exactly what you need for your IT department without juggling multiple vendors.   Learn more about managed services.

Release fully secured technology solutions

Gone are the days of releasing non-secured technology and applications exposing the company and customer data.  FNTS works with you to develop a security posture that includes security every step of the day without impacting deadlines.  Securing multiple endpoints and identifying shadow IT so you can cover your business end to end.  

AI in Security
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FNTS provides your company with security solutions and managed services, so you can focus on the future of your business.

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