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Security, reliable infrastructure, patient engagement, and IT expertise are essential to the success of a healthcare organization. 

Whether you are looking to safeguard your practice against ransomware attacks, strengthen your core operating infrastructure or build out your cloud lifecycle to include applications with a patient-centric focus, FNTS has the technology and security tools essential in the healthcare sector.

Our advanced technology, reliability, and notable partners align with the needs of healthcare organizations nationwide. We protect enterprises’ data and offer customized services to healthcare companies that require stringent security standards and regulations.


Healthcare IT Managed Security Services

Improve patient care knowing your data is safe from outside threats.

Your focus is on improving patient experience and overall care.  Our focus, keeping your data secure and adhering to stringent regulation and compliance requirements.  

Overcome everyday healthcare IT security challenges:

  • Directly scaling in the cloud without worrying about security boundaries
  • Successfully securing cloud and virtualization environments across multiple vendors
  • Securing legacy systems and new technology like applications and AI functionality
  • Actively secure your disaster recovery in the event of a fail-over, safeguarding all data
  • Securing your data in the cloud wherever it resides

Learn more about managed security services customized for the healthcare industry. 

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Explore FNTS Products for the Healthcare Industry

managed services
Managed Services

Ease of business, let FNTS manage your security and infrastructure.

hybrid cloud
Hybrid Cloud

Cloud brokerage gets the best deal for your technology requirements.

security compliance
Security & Compliance

End to end secrurity solutions in PCI, HIPAA compliant facilities.

Pivitol Cloud Foundry

Dive into digital with rapid application development capabilities.

Provide a better quality of care with efficient, cutting-edge technology, while streamlining your healthcare IT costs with FNTS.

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