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  • Cloud Object Storage

    Cloud object storage offers a new way to store data, meeting the massive challenge of data growth businesses are facing today without a hardware investment.  >>Learn more

    What is object storage?

    Cloud object storage is designed to handle large amounts of unstructured data files in an unstructured manner.  Storing data in a simple, unstructured manner allows businesses to meet the growing data demands of third platform applications including mobile, cloud, social, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT).  Object storage uses metadata which is a set of data that gives information about another set of data.
    Object storage doesn't change the data you are storing, simply the way you access the data.  Each object is assigned a unique ID, along with other tags to describe that piece of data.  Using the third generation object platform from EMC, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) technology, storing data has never been easier or cost effective.  
    The functionality behind cloud object storage: 
    • Store a photo of a dog (Object ID + Metadata)
    • Assign file info with user defined metadata: dog, beagle, brown, Rover, likes bones
    • Store object in an unstructured data bucket (database or file system is not needed)
    • Instantly recall object based on metadata when needed

    The retrieval process is far more sophisticated than traditional storage systems because it allows you to retrieve objects based on granular metadata, not shorted titles or misleading titles.  The retrieval process can also be customized to meet the needs of your applications and way you do business.


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    Benefits of cloud object storage include:
    • Eliminates storage silos (fully distributed, scales horizontally)
    • Built in disaster recovery
    • Built for long-term data retention
    Features of cloud storage include:
    • Scalable: worry-free scalability with unlimited apps, users and files
    • Accessible: active-active architecture, multi-site, single global namespace enables anywhere access to content from any application or device
    • Flexibility: multiple front end appliances, software and storage arrays exist today that interface seamlessly and utilize cloud object based storage for another cold data tier
    • Secure: multi-tenancy allows for total isolation of data stored is encrypted on the cloud object storage array via D@RE (Data at Rest Encryption).  Options for client side encryption methods allow for objects to be encrypted when written to cloud object storage

    Is object storage right for your business?  Do you experience these storage challenges?

    • High data retrieval or egress rates
    • Traditional storage not suited for new web, mobile and cloud applications
    • Can’t cost effectively manage or scale storage to support growth of unstructured data
    • Need instant access to cold-stored data
    • Difficulty managing data lifecycle and long-term retention policies across archive silos and sites

    Designed for next-gen applications and traditional workloads, cloud storage technology offers unmatched efficiency, resiliency and simplicity.


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