Managed Services

First National Technology Solutions offers flexible, custom-built solutions for multiple operating systems and IT infrastructure components.

  • Backup Services

    Eliminate tedious backup tasks, guarantee data availability and empower your IT staff to focus on key business initiatives by outsourcing daily backups, maintenance and monitoring to FNTS' expert engineers.

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    Automated backup services include:

    Daily backups to disk and stored offsite
    24x7 backup infrastructure management, including operations, administration and maintenance
    Backup job monitoring with failure notifications


    Remote backup options:

    In addition to managed services, First National Technology Solutions provides remote backup services for companies not hosted within the First National Data Center.  This service includes data backup at the customer's location and data replication to the secured First National Data Center.  
    During the remote backup process, information is transmitted to First National Technology Solutions, de-duped, stored on disk and stored in a secure location.  This cost-effective solution not only saves time, but also eliminates additional staffing strains and ensures your data is available in the event of a failure or outage.



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