Managed Services

First National Technology Solutions offers flexible, custom-built solutions for multiple operating systems and IT infrastructure components.

  • Mainframe Outsourcing
    Hosted or remote mainframe managed services 
    Hardware refresh, retiring workforce, pressure to do more with less - there are many reasons more and more companies are turning to managed services providers to help them with their mainframe management.  
    Mainframe outsourcing options include:
    • Fully virtualized Mainframe hosted on our equipment in our data center
    • Hosting on your equipment in our data center
    • Remote Mainframe managed services - your equipment at your location managed by us

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    Our mainframe outsourcing and management capabilities include:

    • MIPS Capacity (z/OS, VSE)
    • IBM system software
    • Third party software
    • DASD and Virtual tape solutions
    • Network Communications and support
    • System administration
    • Operational support services - batch processing and production control

    In addition to our mainframe management and outsourcing solutions, First National Technology Solutions also offers a disaster recovery solution for mainframe environments. Utilizing a secondary data center, First National Technology Solutions is able to provide mainframe capacity on our CPU, along virtual tape solutions to help you recover your core processing in the event of a disaster.

    Our mainframe disaster recovery solution includes:
    • Mainframe CPU capacity
    • DASD
    • Virtual Tape Solutions for recovery
    • Network connectivity
    • Minimum of one annual disaster recovery test

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