Overcoming Mainframe Management Challenges 

One of the biggest challenges of managing today's mainframe is the scarcity of skill set.   As mainframe support decreases, the demand for ongoing mainframe support is increasing.  Specializing in mainframe hosting services, FNTS has seen spike in demand for mainframe outsourcing services.  See examples >> 

From mainframe migrations to mainframe upgrades, FNTS offers customers full customization the services they need specific to running their business.  While each company has their plan for the future of their mainframe, FNTS provides the support you need to achieve your short-term goals and long-term strategies.  

Mainframe exit strategy or mainframe modernization, FNTS can help

Address the challenges of legacy system management head on

While digital demands escalate, mainframe dependency and complexity have become a growing concern of many businesses.  Over the years the mainframe was the pillar of truth serving as the data source for many applications.  Now as companies try to unplug the systems, it has proven to be challenging.  FNTS engineers work with IT teams to assess the current infrastructure and develop a road map to get you to your end goal. 

Stop overpaying for capacity and hardware upgrades

CIOs are under pressure to lower operating expenses, and costly mainframe hardware is not high on the priority list.  FNTS offers migration assistance to the mainframe cloud, so you have the right size capacity and only pay for what you use.  If over time you want to migrate from the mainframe, the cost decreases as the workload moves.  Learn more>>

Achieve your company vision with the help of FNTS mainframe management

Are you falling short of what you envision your business could be because you are focusing your time and energy on legacy system management.  Don't let skill gaps, retiring staff or technology restraints keep you from achieving your goals.  FNTS has an entire team of skilled mainframe experts with on average over 20 years of mainframe experience, ready to serve as an extension of your IT staff.  They learn your business so when you call they know what you need.  See examples of resource management opportunities>>


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