Managed Security Services: Secure Your Data and Protect Your Business  

Data security is at the top of every executive's priority list.  FNTS makes it easy to address security concerns and adhere to compliance regulations by working with the top security providers in the industry.  Our team of security experts will work with you to assess, strategize and implement the security solutions you need while staying within your budget.   Learn how a security assessment can safeguard your business.

Security as a Service Closes the Skills Gap and Allows for Agile Threat Response 

Security as a Service (SECaaS) is gaining popularity because threats are not only increasing but evolving at a rate so rapid, businesses can't keep up. Companies either need to expand their security staff within constrained budgets or partner with technology and security providers to fill the gap.  By teaming up with security experts they not only have on-demand access to security experts, but they can change their security posture as the threat landscape shifts.  

FNTS takes the security of our customers seriously, offering multiple lines of defense to prevent an attack but also a response to ejection of a malicious threat to deter from significant losses protecting you from reputation and financial damage.  FNTS continually invests in security and is committed to making the necessary investments to be a top Security as a Service provider.

Multi-level Security Security Solutions Customized to Your Specific Vulnerabilities 

Many businesses don't know where to start when it comes to assessing their security needs.  FNTS security experts work with you to help you decide what security services you need to keep your data secure.

FNTS starts by offering complimentary security services to customers, so they have baseline security protection against threats.  Access the full list of security packages now. 

Complimentary security services include:

  • Next-generation endpoint protection and firewalls
  • Data at rest encryption
  • Standard event logging
  • ISP DDoS Protection

In addition to the complementary security services, FNTS has security packages predetermined to help as a security baseline for businesses of all sizes. For those customers looking for a more personalized security solution, our security team will work to assess, strategize and build a custom solution.  FNTS continually works with customers to evaluate their security needs, adjusting your services to stop attacks and mitigate risk. Access the full list of security packages here.


Eliminate the confusion when it comes to choosing the right security services.  FNTS has built packages to help you identify the right security services for your company.  Click here for an extensive list of security services packaged for your convenience.   

Need help choosing the right security solutions for your business?  We are here to help, contact us today at 800-820-6924. 

Secure your critical data and infrastructure with FNTS managed security services. 

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