Managed Services

First National Technology Solutions offers flexible, custom-built solutions for multiple operating systems and IT infrastructure components.

  • Network-Based Security
    Mitigate threats with an in-depth defense solution.  Reduce security costs, improve security and meet compliance regulations with multi-layer security solutions from First National Technology Solutions.

    Multi-layer security includes:

    • Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
    • Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and VPN
    • Web Proxy and Anti Malware

    Working together these layers of security keep your data safe and secure, threats to stop them before they happen and mitigate attacks if they occur.

    The average cost of a corporate data breach is $3.5 million, safeguard your business now.

    How does Network Based Security keep your business secure? 

    • Intercepts outside threats coming through Internet communications
    • Protects your business and removes single points of failure
    • Receive threat advisories and implement new rules as threats happen

    Identify threats and stop them before they happen with network based security services.  Schedule your visit with a security expert today.

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