FNTS strategically partners with innovative companies to offer cutting-edge technology and end-to-end technology solutions.

  • Application Management

    Global NetWatch, Inc.
    has developed the industry’s leading performance management tools for externally monitoring the performance of a company’s entire Internet presence. GNW offers completely unique services, which are not available from any other organization, anywhere in the world. GNW provides a comprehensive approach to measuring and reporting network and application performance that allows organizations to understand how effectively data originating from end users flows across the Internet as it travels to their web site, and how effectively their site is able to process that data once it arrives.

    Since 1982, Treehouse Software has been serving enterprises worldwide with industry-leading software   products and outstanding technical support. Today, Treehouse Software is a global leader in providing data migration, replication, and integration solutions for the most complex and demanding heterogeneous environments, as well as feature-rich, accelerated-ROI offerings for information delivery, and application modernization.