Run Containers Efficiently and Securely with Pivotal Container Service 

Enterprise-grade Kubernetes, built for Day 2 operations 

Run Kubernetes applications in a secure, efficient manner with Pivotal Container Service (PKS) at FNTS.  Easily design and deploy Kubernetes clusters on the PKS platform, easing Day 2 operations for your staff.

What is Pivotal Container Services? 

PKS is the result of collaboration between Pivotal, VMWare, and Google allowing companies to deploy enterprise-grade Kubernetes on-premise and run legacy workloads on VMWare vSphere and Google Cloud Platform using a container-based approach.

With PKS, companies can handle workloads best suitable for containers. These workloads can include legacy applications, clustered services, databases, containerized applications and deployable artifacts as container images. PKS allows application developers to self-provision Kubernetes clusters that are self-managed by the system.  The platform is enterprise-grade and comes with the following capabilities:

Business Acceleration with Pivotal Container Services (PKS)

Day 1 - Build
  • Provision on-demand Kubernetes clusters
  • Provide availability for application workloads and the platform itself
  • Provide a smooth and reliable experience with any cloud environments, be it private or public
  • Significantly reduce the set-up time from weeks to just mere hours
  • Production-ready anywhere
Day 2 - Operate
  • Patch the OS and platform components without disruption to the applications
  • Seamlessly upgrade new versions of Kubernetes
  • Easily scale platform components to accommodation business expansions


Efficiency. Productivity. Innovation. 

FNTS hosted PKS offers businesses a comprehensive solution on the private and public clouds.   

Turns innovation into production even faster by leveraging VMWare technology on the private and public cloud

  • Improve developer productivity
  • Enhance operation efficiency
  • Drive innovation with faster production times



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