Remote Backup

Protect your business. Protect your future.

  • Remote Backup

    Protect your business. Protect your future.

    Hardware failures, hurricanes and tornados, power outages, missing backups –  the list of potential loss is endless.  Safeguard your critical systems and data with First National Technology Solutions.

    Safeguard your business:

    1. Remote data backup
    2. Disaster recovery planning

    Two second assessment - Is your organization guilty of these common backup failures?

    1. Backing up data to outdated technology making restore impossible
    2. Data on backups are not checked to make sure it is useful
    3. Not able to recreate business  as usual from backups
    4. Backups simply not being executed or overlooked

    Implementing a backup solution will save you money – and your business.  Contact us today for customized quote.

    Benefits of remote backup:

    • Cost effective way to ensure your data is protected
    • Scalable architecture to meet changing data needs
    • Redundant technology to avoid data loss

    Remote backup services provided include:

    • Multiple operating system support (Windows, Linux, Unix, iSeries)
    • Image backup with file recovery
    • Disk to disk backup infrastructure
    • 24x7 automated backup and job failure notification

    The First National Technology Solutions difference:

    • Customized retention policies
    • Immediate restores (less than 24 hour notice)
    • Quarterly test restores to ensure your data is restorable
    • Deploy servers to our location to get you back on line

    Call 800.820.6924 or contact us on-line to safeguard your business today.