Database Services

The role of the Database Administrator is evolving, and so is the technology behind Database Services. Database Services provide a reliable and proven data administration services across all database platforms, lowering labor and hardware costs for enterprises.

Benefits of a Database Service

  • Improved security – Database Services include protection of your data against digital threats
  • Rapid provisioning – scalability to meet your data demands and automation needs
  • Reduced costs – database knowledge and expertise at a lower cost than hiring FTE’s
  • Hassle-free maintenance - delegate DBA set up and traditional tasks while your team focuses on business initiatives
  • Increased performance - extract insights from data to make informed decisions faster with more efficient queries

FNTS Database Services

FNTS’ managed database services support the following systems:

  • Oracle (administration & monitoring)
  • DB2 (administration & monitoring)
  • SQL Server
  • Sybase  
  • MySQL 

Match the database services to your business needs

The highest tier of FNTS’ managed database includes around-the-clock troubleshooting, incident remediation and response to client requests or alerts. This service requires that clients’ database is monitored by FNTS under Database Monitoring service.

Overcome staffing challenges and free up valuable IT resources

Database monitoring includes alerts for severe operational errors, database resource allocation, and fault management. The time spent on routine monitoring can now be spent on more productive tasks. 

Centralize data management and optimize performance

Database health check determines the health of organizations’ database uncovering what is working and what needs to be improved. A comprehensive report with detailed recommendations is generated at the end of each check. Below are just a few areas of what FNTS’ health check covers:

  • The current performance of CPU, memory, disks, network, server, and security
  • Top 100 SQL queries with detail information sorted by the duration of execution.
  • All jobs with oldest run duration, latest run duration, and average run duration.

How to simplify database complexity and take advantage of automation 

Database tuning is an excellent way to improve identified database issues and maximize the use of system resources. The service includes fine-tuning of queries, reconfiguration of an operating system and CPU or redesign of database files. With database tuning, tasks are performed quickly and efficiently.

Overcome database security challenges

Database design is for organizations wishing to build an efficient database from scratch or to add additional infrastructure. FNTS’ experts will assist in capacity planning, data modeling, documentation, and creation of tables and indexes. Proper database design, in the beginning, will save organizations a lot of time and resources later on.

Are FNTS Database Services right for your company?

If you want your database stack to evolve or need to free up resources, advanced DBaaS offers the flexibility, automation, and security of your critical databases. By partnering with FNTS for database management enterprises will have the advanced technology and visibility into their database system to give them the business agility they need in the digital age.

Fine-tune your database and lower labor costs with FNTS Database Services.

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