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Improve Your Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Strategy

Leverage AI and machine learning to transform your strategy and operations, enabling data-driven decisions that increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence to Upgrade Performance

Our services are designed to harness the power of AI and machine learning, enhancing your organization's strategic and operational capabilities. FNTS' professional IT services provide: 

Data Lineage Comprehension

  • Deep understanding of your data lineage, location, and ownership to create the foundation for any analytical, BI or AI needs
  • Gain a clear understanding of your data's origin, flow, and ownership

IT Consultant Sessions

  • Participate in strategic discussions with FNTS and our network of specialists
  • Explore how AI and machine learning can transform your data


Reporting and Data Visibility Services

  • Apply our services to turn complex datasets into clear, actionable intelligence
  • Enable your team to make informed, timely decisions that can impact your organization's success

AI Advisory Services

  • Evaluate opportunities to leverage AI
  • Develop ROI statements that demonstrate the real value of cost reduction and improved decision-making that AI can deliver

Explore Our Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Services

Our tailored solutions leverage the latest in AI and machine learning technologies to unlock insights, optimize decision-making, and drive efficiency, ensuring your data assets are fully utilized and your strategic goals are met.

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Why Choose FNTS?

FNTS is an optimization company at our core, and we believe optimization is the first step on the path to modernization. We specialize in helping you realize the expense and resource optimization needed to begin to execute your transformation. This includes optimizing your technical ecosystem and how you consume your technical environment.

FNTS has over 100 years of combined technology leadership experience and has visibility that spans industries, technology ecosystems and delivery models. We have trusted and strategic partner relationships that bring additional expertise and innovation to the table to solve your technical challenges and meet your business objectives.

Technology Partners
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