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Transform Your Cybersecurity Approach

Enhance and streamline your cybersecurity with the specialized guidance of FNTS's Professional IT Services.

Advanced Protection & Cybersecurity Managed Services

Cybersecurity and Protection form a cornerstone of our Consulting and Professional Services.

To improve your security measures and ensure comprehensive protection across IT landscapes, FNTS integrates with your team, offering:

SOC-as-a-Service Solutions

  • Offer continuous and adaptive defense against new and evolving security threats
  • Provide two distinct SOC-as-a-Service options tailored to comprehensive security needs
  • Ensure thorough security monitoring, threat detection, alerting, and incident response capabilities

Virtual CISO (vCISO) Services

  • Align information security initiatives with business objectives through expert leadership
  • Develop, implement, and prioritize security strategies specific to your organization’s risk profile
  • Tailor procedures to comply with industry regulations, ensuring comprehensive protection


Cyber Incident Response Planning

  • Prepare for worst-case scenarios with detailed incident response strategies
  • Collaborate closely with internal departments to design comprehensive plans
  • Enhance organizational readiness for swift and effective emergency response

IBM Z Pen Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

  • Conduct in-depth analysis of your mainframe environment for security enhancements
  • Evaluate current configurations and controls for improved protection against cyber threats
  • Identify vulnerabilities to prevent attacks and exploitation effectively

Discover Our Cybersecurity & Protection Services

Enhance your security posture with FNTS's strategic approach to cybersecurity. Our customized solutions deploy cutting-edge, cost-effective technologies to bolster your defenses, streamline security processes, and manage risks effectively, ensuring your digital environment is resilient and your IT investments are safeguarded.

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Why Choose FNTS?

As cyber threats and regulatory compliance continue to evolve and advance, FNTS is investing in next-generation security capabilities to help enterprises improve their cybersecurity posture and reduce risks. Our controls and delivery processes align with our in-depth defense philosophy that combines data security governance frameworks, industry standards, and zero-trust methodologies to ensure data isolation and segmentation.

As a distinguished Tier IV data center with over 100 years of combined technology leadership experience, FNTS has visibility that spans industries, technology ecosystems, and delivery models. We have trusted and strategic partner relationships that bring additional expertise and innovation to the table to solve your technical challenges and meet your business objectives.

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