Protect your data from the risk of loss.

Data is one of your organizations most important commodity, essential to day-to-day functions such as email. FNTS’ BaaS offering helps manage your data for hybrid cloud and data center environment components including:

  • Data protection
  • Business continuity
  • Archive/preservation
  • Compliance
  • Data governance
  • Capacity optimization
  • Visibility




Unlimited Storage

Only pay for what you use! FNTS’ cloud based BaaS option is designed to scale to exabyte levels, with virtually no limits to how much data you can store, and it’s not going to cost you.


Easy Disaster Recovery

Data loss caused by equipment failures, natural disasters, human error, ransomware and malware can occur when you least expect it. No matter how many terabytes of data you have stored, keeping your data backups off-site will protect primary infrastructure if a disaster should strike.


Frees Up Resources

FNTS’ BaaS model bills your company based on the amount of cloud storage your consume. It shifts the back-up consideration from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure. In addition, it frees up your technical staff, so you don’t have to dedicate resources to managing your backups and ensuring your data is protected. Offload those tasks to FNTS, providing you with a fully managed solution.


Ready to get started?

FNTS Managed BaaS supports VMware, Windows and Linux Systems, along with IBM AIX and iSeries systems. Additionally, FNTS has managed BaaS solutions to the Azure cloud. We have the right backup solution to meet your organization’s needs.

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The FNTS Advantage.

As a trusted advisor in managed IT services for the past 25 years, FNTS provides an exceptional customer experience. We consistently achieve high service ratings from customers, have an above-average customer retention rate of 95.5%., and are proud to say 70% of our customers come from referral sources.


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