Software Advocacy

Achieve Value and Efficiency Across IT Environments

In today’s IT landscape, managing multiple software vendor relationships can be overwhelming. FNTS Software Advocacy offers a streamlined approach to consolidate and optimize these partnerships, enabling businesses to maximize their IT investments.

Is your organization spending countless hours managing independent software vendor relationships with no sign of potential savings or better contract terms in sight?

FNTS Software Advocacy helps organizations by managing these complex and time-consuming exchanges for you. With more than 80 years of combined software solutions expertise, our executive leaders do all of the heavy lifting and negotiations to advocate better terms on your behalf to help you succeed.

Realize What is Possible

  • FNTS ensures you have the right IT capabilities, ISVs and cost models in place.
  • We leverage our purchasing power to reduce vendor sprawl through consolidation.
  • Receive application rationalization assessments of your software solutions that prioritize impact and cost.
  • FNTS implements a detailed consolidation plan that creates value and efficiency across your IT environments.

Now is a great time to evaluate how your team members could be freed up to focus on other business needs by having FNTS become an extension of your IT team through Software Advocacy.

Unlock Efficiency & Savings.

Let FNTS Software Advocacy consolidate, negotiate, and optimize your vendor relationships and join the 75% who shifted to smarter software management in 2022.

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75% of organizations consolidated Software in 2022.

In business, no matter the size or industry, recovery from a crisis is crucial.

When it comes to your IT systems, disasters include weather events, of course, but also human error and cyberattacks. FNTS Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) and business continuity solutions allow you to tap into our experienced team and data centers to keep your data safe and your business up and running.

Disaster Recovery Services


The FNTS Advantage.

As a trusted advisor in managed IT services for over 27 years, FNTS provides an exceptional customer experience. We consistently achieve high service ratings from customers, have an above-average customer retention rate of 97%, and are proud to say 70% of our customers come from referral sources.

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