Ensure Ongoing and Evolving Defense Against Emerging Security Risks with SOC-as-a-Service

Data breaches, zero-day exploits, ransomware – the list of cybersecurity threats facing organizations is never-ending, and attacks are growing in size and frequency.

Premium SOC-as-a-Service Options

To protect company networks and critical data, FNTS works with industry partners to provide premium SOC-as-a-Service options that provide security monitoring, threat detection, alerting and incident response. We consult with you to identify the ideal SOC-as-a-Service solution that can be implemented to enhance your security strategy across multicloud, hybrid cloud, IBM Z and IBM Power environments.


SOC-as-Service Package 1

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  • Offers unlimited incident response and includes legal protections with trusted, court-admissible data, surpassing traditional SIEM capabilities.
  • Provides assistance with federal agencies for access in clearance-restricted courts, ensuring compliance and support in sensitive situations.
  • Features undetectable and non-disablable installation, enhancing security against potential attackers.
  • Specifically designed for organizations seeking white-glove support from Managed Detection and Response (MDR) experts.

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SOC-as-a Service Package 2

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  • Features self-learning AI for continuous monitoring and alerts based on SLA, with incident response services available on a retainer basis.
  • Rapidly creates a baseline of network behavior from multiple sources within one week, ensuring quick adaptability.
  • Operates without the need for deploying and managing agents, simplifying the integration process.
  • Perfectly suited for organizations looking to enhance their existing SIEM capabilities, providing an efficient augmentation solution.


FNTS provides the flexibility and customization you need to meet your specific information security needs, no matter your current level of security. Effectively grow and adapt to the changing needs and challenges of your organization's security environment with SOC-as-a-Service, a cost-effective offering within FNTS Consulting and Professional Services.


Accelerated Threat Detection and Response

FNTS's SOC-as-a-Service delivers rapid cybersecurity enhancements through advanced technology and expert oversight, ensuring swift, precise threat management 24x7x365. Integrated with SIEM/SOAR capabilities, it excels in identifying, prioritizing, and remediating threats across diverse IT environments.


Enhance Your Cybersecurity with FNTS’s Proven SOC-as-a-Service

Ready to elevate your organization's security posture? Discover how FNTS’s SOC-as-a-Service can protect your infrastructure around the clock with advanced detection and response technologies, expert oversight, and comprehensive monitoring. Connect with us today to learn more about our tailored cybersecurity solutions!

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Why Choose FNTS?

Depend on FNTS’s unwavering commitment to protecting your assets with our sophisticated security measures, integral to a thorough defense strategy that provides unparalleled data protection. Catering to industries with stringent compliance needs, we operate top-tier, advanced data centers known for their security and sophistication across the United States.

FNTS stands out as a premier Tier IV data center operator, backed by a century of collective technology leadership. Our expansive industry insight and strategic partnerships enable us to address complex technical challenges innovatively and effectively, ensuring your business objectives are met with precision.

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