Essential Protection for an Innovative Workforce

FNTS offers a full suite of data protection and endpoint security options for companies most concerned with securing an agile workforce without stifling their productivity.  FNTS will work with you to find the ideal solutions to address data protection, threat protection and response, and endpoint management.  

Your work moves beyond conventional business boundaries, so stop depending on traditional security efforts to protect your most valued asset, your data.  Important company data is one malware click away from destroying your business.  FNTS data protection and endpoint security services offer threat protection for every endpoint device to prevent the threat of critical data loss.  


Protect your data, brand reputation, and so much more by uncovering hidden security risks.

data at rest

Data at Rest Encryption

Significantly reduce the risk of potential exposure of sensitive data at rest with machine-based encryption.


File Integrity Event Monitoring (FIM)

Validate the integrity of the operating system and application files to see if and when they change, how they change, who changed them, and how to restore files if changes are unauthorized.


Next Generation End Point Protection

Protect workloads from malware and zero-day attacks around the clock, Focus on exploit techniques & behavior to break attack lifecycle.

email security

Email Security Suite

Multiple security options available to secure your sensitive data throughout email exchange internally and externally.

web protection

Web Protection Suite

Maintain productivity gained from Web activities while securing your data. Provide safe access to internet resources through by identifying and managing traffic.

Advanced Data Protection

Simplified data protection without compromise

Avoid remediation costs, lost productivity and safeguard critical data intellectual property information from corruption, compromise or loss with data protection services from FNTS.

FNTS Security experts will help you:

  • Modernize your security strategy to include growing data and new technology to avoid vulnerabilities
  • Dedicate resources to protecting critical company data, closing skill gaps and eliminating threats
  • Reduce costs and risks by customizing a security solution to fit your business and stop overspending

Security for Hyper-Connected Businesses

Discover, manage and protect your company data and secure all endpoints with the help of FNTS security experts.     

Next Generation Endpoint Security

Stop Malware attacks before they start

It is critical to view your endpoint solutions from your entire IT environment.  Look beyond your remote workforce with various portable devices and endpoints, to include virtual, on and off-premise components to eliminate exposed endpoints.  

FNTS security experts will help you:

  • Find the right virus and malware signature management solution that won't overwhelm you or your technology
  • Help you decide if your business and staff are ready to adopt an endpoint security solution
  • Discover, manage and secure your endpoint with your budget requirements 

Is your information security program aligned with your business?

Technology use is expanding faster than ever, and so are the malicious attacks on businesses.  If you are not adjusting your security strategy with your business growth, your company could be at risk.

Is your business-critical information adequately protected?

FNTS provides a security assessment designed to help identify security risks and provide recommendations on how to prevent threats, close gaps, and securely enable business operations. 

Can you extend consistent security policies throughout your IT infrastructure?

Complex IT environments that include both cloud and on-premise services can leave endpoints hidden, exposing your company to threats and malicious attacks.  Consistent security policies are incredibly critical for companies who must comply with strict regulatory requirements like PCI or HIPAA.

FNTS provides the security managed services so you can protect your business – and its future.

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