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Leveraging multiple cloud platforms and cloud providers are standard practice in today’s economy. Enterprises are moving away from the one-size-fits-all cloud solutions in favor of using the right platform to meet their workload demands.

As a cloud broker, FNTS cloud portfolio offers multiple options for businesses to extend their infrastructure in a secure, cost-effective manner while navigating the complexity of both private and public cloud platforms.

Simplifying the Growing Complexity of Hybrid Cloud Management

Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions connect on-premise, private and public cloud environments allowing data and applications to be shared across all platforms. The benefits of a hybrid cloud include:

  • Critical data and applications are kept secure on your private cloud behind a firewall
  • Simplify enterprise management on single-tenant dedicated servers offering fast performance and reliability
  • Billing transparency and cost control with consumption-based pricing model and removing compute resources that remain unused
  • Eliminate the need to make capital expenditures to meet short-term spikes in computing resources.


 Why choose FNTS for Hybrid Cloud Management?


Seamless Cloud Migration

FNTS has helped thousands of customers successfully migrate workloads across mulitple cloud platforms and fully transition to the cloud from legacy systems.

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Proactive Remote Management

Let your IT staff focus on your business while FNTS monitors, manages and maintains your cloud environments.


Remove Technology Restraints

Break free from infrastructure restraints holding you back from achieving your business goals by leveraging multiple public and private cloud options.


Security Across all Clouds

Secure your data wherever it resides. and gain the visibility and threat protection across all cloud platforms.

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Clarity in the Cloud

FNTS offers Level 2 technical support and expert advice on how best to utilize public clouds for your business needs.

Hybrid Cloud Security

Must-Haves for Security the Hybrid CloudData Security Guide: Prevention, Detection, and Containment

Securing your data in any private or public cloud environment is a shared responsibility between you and the cloud provider. FNTS works with your team to decide what security policies and controls you need in place to protect your data, maintain business continuity and comply with vigorous regulation standards. FNTS provides our customers with the following complimentary features included in our cloud services:

  • Server monitoring, management, and patching
  • Data at rest encryption
  • Distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection
  • Anti-Virus protection
  • Standard event logging
  • Strategic security planning and assessments

Learn more about the full suite of FNTS security services.  Or if you are concerned about your current cloud security posture talk with one of our security experts today.

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Navigator: Simplifying Hybrid Cloud Management

Today over 85% of companies leverage multi-cloud environments ranging from two to four cloud platforms. While business demands are forcing the adoption of a hybrid cloud environment, the complexity of managing these environments and the cost control have gone by the wayside. FNTS eliminates many of these issues by supplying their customers with Navigator, a cloud management platform.

Achieve better visibility and more control over multiple clouds by connecting  them into a single view>>  

Hybrid Cloud Management

Comprehensive Hybrid Cloud Managed ServicesThe Cloud Computing Success Kit

Control costs and efficiently managing your cloud platforms with hybrid managed services.  FNTS managed cloud services provide customers with:

  • 24x7 phone support
  • Dedicated service account manager
  • Daily IT management and technical support from expert engineers
  • Customized SLA’s and flexible contract terms to meet your budget and operating philosophy

FNTS’ mission is to provide scalable, secure and customized hosted and remote managed services with exceptional customer service and best-of-breed technology. We want to raise the bar in the data center industry by providing a more personalized and flexible experience, and by helping clients stay on the cutting edge of technology adoption and usage.

We're Passionate

FNTS places a high value on customer service and work ethic. While not ostentatious, our team is made up of energized, hardworking problem solvers with a long history and breadth of industry experience. We focus on creating lasting relationships with our customers.

We're Flexible

Unlike other managed services providers that force customers into defined packages, FNTS offers flexible terms in a flexible architecture—even offering a la carte services. We take a consultative approach, work collaboratively to develop a customized right-fit solution, and support a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms.

We Have a Strong Work Ethic

Located in the Midwest, FNTS staff is ingrained with the work ethic and hospitality it takes to serve as an actual extension of your IT. Delivering on a promise to provide you with the very best, personal service in the industry so you can shed the go-it-alone strategy, FNTS delivers the technical experience you need to grow your business in the digital age.

FNTS provides IT solutions and managed services so you can focus on your business—and its future.

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