FNTS Private Cloud: built for business critical, ideal for innovation

Unmatched agility and scalability of the public cloud with added security and customization.  FNTS private cloud offering includes a fully hosted option with managed services or remote management of your private cloud environment.   '

Certified, highly trained engineers are available 24x7 to manage any cloud environment including Windows, Linux, Unix, AS/400 and mainframe.  

In a cloud first industry, FNTS puts customers first from the very beginning, through migration and into steady-state and beyond.  Working as an extension of your IT, our staff takes a first name basis approach to offer the personal service you expect and the technology solutions you need to remain agile and competitive in today's market.    

FNTS Private Cloud is built for:

  • Business critical workloads with stringent compliance such as HIPAA and PCI requirements
  • Improved performance from the public cloud with dedicated resources
  • Data center footprint reduction while remaining in full control of your environment
  • Unwavering reliability with guaranteed uptime and customized SLA's 

FNTS Private Cloud is ideal for:

  • Achieving innovation by freeing up staff from daily monitoring and ongoing maintenance
  • Cost control with easy to understand invoices and current budget recommendations 
  • Digital transformation with seamless workload transitions, ideal for multi-cloud environments 
  • Strategic IT leaders with revenue goals to outperform their competition 

Cloud management built on technology, innovation, and security.  Request an assessment of your current cloud workload to find out if you are maximizing your IT budget, meeting security requirements and running at peak performance. 

FNTS offers private cloud solutions for all operating systems including:

  • Windows (all versions currently supported by Microsoft)
  • Linux (Red Hat enterprise and other Linux distributions)
  • Unix (versions of AIX currently supported by IBM)
  • iSeries/AS400 (operating systems currently supported by IBM)
  • Mainframe (z/OS, z/VSE, and z/VM)


Private Cloud Management

Connect multiple clouds into a single view with Navigator

Outsourcing your private cloud doesn't mean you have to give up all control to your managed service provider.  With Navigator, you can keep as little or all control over your IT environment. Learn more >>

Find out why Navigator is the ultimate cloud management platform:

  • Multi-cloud management
  • Easy integration of new cloud infrastructure into existing systems
  • Service lifecycle management and orchestration
  • Role-based access control
  • Centralized reporting

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Different than other cloud providers, FNTS offers fully customized cloud solutions to achieve your business goals.  

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